Religion & Art Forum

Nina Danino, Stabat Mater, 1990, 16mm still

Following the Religion & Art symposium hosted by Goldsmiths Art Department in 2020, artists, theorists and PhD researchers expressed a keen interest in continuing these exchanges. The Religion & Art Forum (coordinated by Nina Danino, Goldsmiths College, and Mark Dean, Arts Chaplaincy Projects) responded to that expression, with thirty invited speakers presenting their work in an informal discussion forum, incorporating a range of perspectives on questions of religion and art, with a focus on personal and collective experience and practice, rather than sociological or anthropological observation. The forum took place on a monthly basis throughout 2021, online via Zoom from 6-8pm UK time, with participants presenting for up to 20 minutes each, followed by a Q&A and open discussion.

Session 1: Holly Slingsby, Louisa Fairclough, Maurane Gadeau

Session 2: Alastair Gordon, Becky Beasley, Geraldine Franklin, Sarah White

Session 3: Adam Neikirk, Linda Mary Montano, Nina Danino

Session 4: Caroline Smith, Donna Matthews, Farouk Yahya, Sheona Beaumont

Session 5: Carolyn Morrison, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, M. Maria Walhout

Session 6: David Leal, Helen Blejerman, Mark Dean, Rachel Coombes

Session 7: David McCulloch, Emily Leon, Lucy Newman Cleeve, Nicora Gangi

Session 8: Christopher Clack, Jorella Andrews, Nathalia Bell, Pavlína Kašparová