Cara Rainbow + Jatun Risba


Sinking underneath to re-turn onto the path of emergence.

Emergence reminds me of an emergency, like when you are under water or get that first breath.

A shared inhalation strengthens the sense of being alive.

Alive. Not dead. Not dead yet, but one day.

Today we breathe, distant and close at the same time.

Time, can we just forget about it. I don’t want it to have a hold over me anymore.


Our common interest in nature inspired us to explore the worlds beneath our feet. We kept our ideas open and set off looking for these spaces.

We looked at the under land and water in Slovenia and Wales. We were drawn to the natural distorting qualities of water which set the tone of our collaborative video.

The accompanying text was written collaboratively using the Surrealists’ writing exercise “Exquisite Corpse” in which the authors are unaware of what each other have written.


Cara Rainbow

Jatun Risba