Cara Rainbow


In this time I’ve found myself thinking of the past a lot. I grew up in this village and now as an adult I see things with eyes that have ‘lived’. I walk past my school, past fields, houses etc that I have played in. I see people who I’ve had ‘failed’ relationships with. And I am noticing the beauty that I never saw before. While in India I was inspired by their ingenuity, their ability to make things last and the simplicity of life. I saw thangka paintings in the Himachel Pradesh and miniature paintings in Rahjastan. For the first time I felt a desire to paint. When I arrived in Mumbai I purchased 1 black water colour, 3 paintbrushes and a sheet of paper. I said to myself “Cara, if you decide you like this, then you can invest some more, but for now, make do.” When I came back to Wales I saw the landscape with new eyes and decided for every day we were in lockdown I would paint a picture of the landscape. Now I am making masks every minute of the day and I’ve had to stop painting.