The Spiritual Exercises


 Artist Title / Date Medium Credits
Aarushi Zarthoshtimanesh My skin is stained like glass Digital drawing on photograph
Alexandra Czincel Ready or not! Animation
Aliceson Carter Rejoicing In The Morning After (Remembering A Night Before) video
Alison Jones [untitled] ink on paper
Andy Harper [untitled] Sound with image
Andy Holden What Is Love? video animation Commissioned by BBC Arts and Google Arts and Culture Written and Directed – Andy Holden
Animation – Ollie Dook
Music – Roger Illingworth, The Grubby Mitts
Anna Dean [untitled] Instagram performance music by Janaki Anderson
Anne Lydiat [untitled] video
Barbara Nicholls Liquid Stencil, 2020 Watercolour on 638gsm, 30cm x 21cm
Benjamin Cockett Odysseus, 2017 Watercolour and gouache on paper. 38cm x 28.5cm
Brian Deighton Ilkley Moor (rain), 2016 acrylic on canvas, 30x 60 cms
Brian Sayers Seer, 2010 oil on panel 27 x 20 cms
Cara Rainbow photograph
Caroline Areskog Jones Along the yellow road video Text: Tove Jansson ‘The Summer Book’
Voices: Caroline Areskog Jones
Christian Jones
Oskar Jones
Neil Marsh
Isabella Marsh
Google Earth image Capture:
Drew Jones
Caryn Simonson Stitched Brown Paper Bag — made during Professor Carol Tulloch and Celia Pym’s ‘in conversation’ Stitching Holds Space, online in Collaborate Ultra, 2020 stitchd brown paper
Cécile Emmanuelle Borra HOLES digital print
Charlotte C Mortensson Still Burning photograph
Charlotte Pannell Inches video
Christine Gordon Andy’s Requiem documented slide/tape projection Music: Spaceball Ricochet, T.Rex
Cyan Dee Michael oil on mylar
David Leal BAT (conversation) video
Dorothea Magonet Life, 2020 Collage
Duncan Wooldridge Sea digital image
Dunhill and O’Brien Still Life Figures 1 Photograph
Erika Winstone Mantle piece 2 — Is it something I said? , 2020 silverpoint on canvas, video Film extract: Exhibition (aka London Project), Joanna Hogg, 2013
G. Calvert Swimming Photo :  painting and film
Greg Rook Communal Wash, 2018 Oil on linen, 46 x 61.5 cm
Helen Robertson This Thing Called Life, 2020 audio
Holly Slingsby HEAP, 2020 Performance video
Hyunha Lim Embroidery on a scenery landscape of Deogyu Mountain embroidery on fabric, printed with a digitally manipulated photograph
Inigo Batterham No or not yet, 2020 painting
Jaime Welsh The Visitor (marat) Giclée print on Canson Baryta paper, 140 x 180 cm
Jana Appleyard Newborn Video
Jane Eyton Medusa in the time of Covid Dimensions are variable depending on how it is hung but consists of 4 pieces. Each Medusa is about 35cm x 18cm.
Materials: Extruded plastic
Janette Parris Mundane Thought For The Day comic
Jatun Risba Be-coming Tree performance video Concept, Poem and Performance: Jatun Risba
Video: Franco G. Livera
Photo: Sašo Batič
Thanks to Maja Usico and An Krumberger for technical assistance and support.
Jeffrey Dennis The Street Confessionals, 2018 oil & charcoal on linen, 30 x 40.5 cm
Jessica Reeves House Hand knitted wool, bulb on cable 75 x 42cm / height varies
Joe J Ford collage
John Bicknell Marat’s arm twice Oil on linen, 40cm x 60cm (two panels 40cm x 30cm)
John Lawrence Video
Jon Rees Lockdown portrait #4: Mick photograph
Jordan Baseman Meanwhile, in the future animation
Judith Dean Room Numbers, 2020  Ink on paper, 31 x 23cm
Julie Born Schwartz Ex-voto, 2018 Film installation with three HD videos, 30 min with sound Mahler & LeWitt Studios
Fondazione Santa Rita da Cascia
The Danish Arts Council
The Goldstone Family Foundation
Yves Klein Archives
A huge thanks to all the sisters at Santuario di Santa Rita da Cascia
Julie Povey Saudade monoprint
Kaori Homma Erosion of Memories, 2019- 2020 Aburidashi Fire Etching (Fire, acid and water on paper)  4x10cm
Kelly Chorpening Drawing in lockdown: a brief personal reflection upon drawing, past and present. Video
Laura Jacobs Who Am I Now? This Is Now. sketchbook drawing
Laura White Where I Can’t Be Text
Lizzi Kew Ross Great Western Hospital video
Louise Ashcroft Kitchen’s Hell Video performance
Lucy Newman Cleeve An Opening, 2018-20 video Music: ‘No Storms Come’ (Hopkins/Peres), The Innocence Mission, Lamp Music, 2000
Marcus Bastel Japan, from the series Corona Mornings: Places photograph
Maria Chevska Notes on saint’s hair… pens, ink, oil crayon, 28x28cm
Maria Zahle No Helicopter View animated GIF
Marion Coutts Simple 03/05/20 Soap, 50 x 90 x 40 mm
Marisa J. Futernick I Dreamed of a House, 2014 HD video version of two-projector 35mm slide installation with sound (134 slides) 14:22 Soundtrack composed and performed by the artist with Paul Huckerby and Dan Guest
Mark Dean Wood Beez video & sound music sample:
What Have I Done To Deserve This (Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield)
Mark Emblem My Dreamhouse / Departure Image with audio + text Music by Vladislav Delay – Khode
Mark Fairnington Aira Force Remembered, 2020 painting
Mark St. John Ellis The Empty Vessel Soundscape video and sound Supported by Cavan Arts, edited by Michael O’Reilly
Martin Newth Rezension 60% three-screen video from series, Rezension – Skulptur, Object, Apparat
Matt Hale table memory, 2020 video
Matthew Kolakowski Distance Learning, 2020 Collage: Wallpaper, Spraypaint, A4, from the series Covid19 Sketchbook
Megan Day-Haynes Formlessness Manifesto digital print
Melanie Manchot The Hall, 2020 video Filmed in Landulph, a hamlet in the river Tamar region, Cornwall, 2014. (Re-) edited and completed in London lockdown, May 2020.
Mia-Nelle Drøschler The floor is vanishing underneath me, and I do not understand how great it is, 2020 Ink on paper, A3
Mike Nelson [untitled] photograph
Mimi Whiteway I found a million-dollar baby (in a five and ten cent store) video performance
Mollin+Voegelin During the night the crops will still grow audio
Molly Crump [untitled] collage
Neal Brown untitled, 2020 video
Nina Danino Nocturn, 2020 audio and text Venus in Furs by the Velvet Undergound
Oona Grimes & Tony Grisoni the mighty dead woo woo, 2020 video music: Lullaby for Jumbo, a song by William Walton, Dame Edith Sitwell
Paul Noble Black Egg, 2020 animation
Peter Lewis Remote Views [lockdown], May 2020 ink, acrylic, notebook
Phil Baines Paschal Candle Design, 2020 Virtual Letterpress
Rachel Lowe Hazardous Freedom, 2020
Rosa de Sausmarez Parry Whilst video
Rose Goddard Hung Up, 2020 single channel video
Ruby Kester It’s Nobody’s Fault Miss Clarice video
Rut Blees Luxemburg Panoptical Sublime, Ledoux, Saline Royale photograph
Ruth Maclennan Beaver Dam on the Moose River, 2020 video
Rylie Goodchild Telling stories, 2020 multi-channel video
Sarah Lightman Lockdown Self Portrait, Week 1 pencil on paper
Sidsel Christensen Lethe Audio + image Sound effects by Erik Medeiros
Simon Periton New Normal (01) collage
Sophie Horton Glaw, 2020 Recycled nylon, acrylic, cotton and wool. 70 x 45 cms
Sophy Rickett Still Life (with steam), 2020 video
Subai Zheng The Arrival of UFO, 2017 video, 3 min 54 sec
Suky Best Sea Study #7 animation
Tiger Nicholson [untitled] painting
Tim Hon Hung Lee Buddha Iconometric Drawing, 2020 Ink on Hanji Paper, 42 x 27cm
Tony Hill Sunlight, 2020 photograph
Trevor Coopersmith Wanderer above the Sea of Dice Spray paint, collage and marker on paper, 12″x18″
Wendy Anderson [untitled] ink on paper
Winky Tsang Is this a good distance? watercolour and pencil on paper
Zethu Maseko Mamlambo’s voice rings silent but deafening / Mamlambo’s song Digital Embroidery, 700 x 1000mm / audio, 9min



Arts Chaplaincy Projects connects arts practitioners with spiritual communities and encourages religious enquiry in arts research. We seek to operate via agency not power and criticality without hierarchy. All always welcome 🏳️‍🌈


    Religion & Art Live

    on tour in collaboration with Goldsmiths Department of Art

    Host at St Saviour’s, Pimlico

    An annual series of exhibitions by Chelsea MA Fine Art students alongside artists from the church

    St Paul’s Chelsea

    Chelsea BA Fine Art students researching contested legacies in St Paul’s Cathedral

    Religion & Art Talks

    with José Carlos Diaz, Tina Beattie, Jarel Robinson-Brown

    Three Questions

    If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

    Religion & Art Forum

    30 practice-led conversations, held in collaboration with Goldsmiths College

    Stations 2021

    An art project for Lent, leading to an online exhibition for Easter, with 36 artists showing 140 works

    The Spiritual Exercises 2

    a project building on connections made during The Spiritual Exercises, with 72 artists working in 24 collaborations

    The Spiritual Exercises

    An online exhibition mediating memory and longing via the parameters of the present, featuring 100 artists

    Palo Santo

    A project exploring the potential of craft-based practices for communal healing, working between London and Peru

    Pastiche Mass

    A penitential mass with five video and sound works replacing the choral parts

    Heathrow Chapel Lightboxes

    A collaborative exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of St George’s Interdenominational Chapel at Heathrow Airport

    Central Saint Martins in the Fields

    An exhibition of work by ten recent art and design graduates from Central Saint Martins in the Crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, reconnecting the college and the church that founded it

    Stations of the Cross

    An Easter vigil with 14 video works projected onto the Henry Moore altar in St Stephen Walbrook Church, interspersed with readings and silence, culminating in a dawn Eucharist

    My Devotion

    A series of talks across UAL focusing on the relation between creative and spiritual practices, with Faisal Abdu’Allah, Bonnie Camplin, Lucy Newman Cleeve, Sophie Gorton, Sarah Lightman, and Justin Senryū Williams