15: Cécile Emmanuelle Borra


I love House music, and although I’m an atheist, I listen to lots of Gospel House!

Here’s an irresistible tune I’d like to share: Floorplan – We Magnify His Name (2011)



‘The Funky, gospel-themed side-project from Underground Resistance founder and-around Detroit legend Robert Hood, in 2011 Floorplan released this absolute belter, stuffed with rousing vocals and a backing meatier than the smell of a slaughterhouse. Echoing Knuckles’ original sentiment (that clubs are “like Church… by the time the preacher gets going, the whole room becomes one”), Hood sees himself as a “pulpit” behind the turntables, preaching “a message of love”. In 2016, Floorplan expanded to a duo, Hood joined by his daughter Lyric.’

MacNeill, K. (2018) Well, they do say that God is a DJ