09: Christopher Harris


Church steps, Old Harbour


Acrylic paint on very old recycled corrugated metal, 51cm x 49cm, 2020

My painting is the true story of a youth who went to a church in Old Harbour, about 5 miles from my home, to hide from his cronies and they shot him on the church steps. The youth was taken to hospital and he died while undergoing medical treatment.

In my mind I compared the incident to what happened to Jesus in the Bible when he dropped to the ground with the cross — a young man suffering. Every day I think about the Jamaican people shot by gunmen and by police in my country. I meditate on the killers too because their souls are not at peace. We are all in the same system.

I painted the church steps blue because blue represents hope. I hope that in the future our children will be brought up with a lot of love and without hunger and poverty. I hope that all ghetto people can have normal lives, and that we elect politicians who have long-term vision and kindness.

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