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My Dreamhouse / Departure

//1/A gift //2/Resume reading/listening at your discretion //3/Berlin (City for exile) /Capital of Germany /Population 3.8 million /Federal State /River Spree/Havel /First documented in the C13th /(2008 until the present day) //4/A moment of departure (1971) //5/Sometime 1985 /A time spent walking /An area between Tours (Centre-Val de Loire) and Poitiers (Vienne Department), a distance of some 100 Km /At large for a period of 4/5 months, sleeping where one could /Train stations, abandoned buildings, forests, a ditch /No money, beholden to the generosity of others which is sporadic and unpredictable /Periods of rest, impotence, bewilderment, astonishment /The recognition that it takes years and years of unplanned dedication to arrive at a place where one has no ambition to arrive /And yet by some curiosity an achieved freedom never known, nor since /Avoiding larger towns /Drinking //6/Jos Bedaux 1910-1989 – My Dreamhouse //7/“The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner” – Italo Calvino //