Kiera Burton + Laura Jacobs

‘We all radiate something curiously intimate when we believe ourselves to be alone.’  (E.M. Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread)

During the course of 2020, Jacobs and Burton individually felt drawn to reflect upon the state of being alone. Unbeknownst to the other, the themes of their work created a connection. A paralleled but unique experience centred around the small intimacies of the domestic space and the everyday rituals of daily life. As such, they have chosen to situate their work together in Spiritual Exercises 2.

Jacobs turned her gaze inwards to reveal a body of small-scale intimate daily sketchbook drawings entitled ‘Getting to Know Myself – This is Now’. This work that started during lockdown is very personal and is almost like a visual diary reflecting on memory and longing and being alone for such a sustained period of time.

Burton began to question the representation of spiritual community that could no longer physically gather together, creating a performative series, Alone, which responds to the COVID19 experience of isolation. Within the work, girls are shown in everyday lockdown situations in the public sphere and domestic environments. The uniform worn becomes a visual signifier of their deeply held, inner spiritual devotion and commitment to the group even in trying times.


Kiera Burton, Vickie 1, performance piece


Laura Jacobs, Piling Up, pencil on paper, 41.5cm x 29.5cm, 2020


Kiera Burton, Kenya 1, performance piece


Laura Jacobs, Covered Up, pencil on paper, 28cm x 21cm, 2020


Kiera Burton, Vickie 2, performance piece


Laura Jacobs, Tangle Toes, pencil on paper, 41.5cm x 29.5cm, 2020


Kiera Burton    @kieraburton_art

Laura Jacobs   @laurajacobsart