Heathrow Chapel: 50 images for 50 years

‘Happy Triangles’ by Dayle & Cinzy, Terminal 4 staff canteen

‘Ravie’ by Ravie, WHSmith in Terminal 2

‘Kinder Garden’ by Pamela and Ali, passenger service agents, Terminal 2 staff canteen

Untitled by Pamela and Ali, Terminal 2 staff canteen

Untitled by Maria and Mark, Terminal 2 staff canteen

‘Keine Schuld (no guilt)’ by Daniel, travelling

‘Engineers can be creative too’ by Jen, planner at Compass Centre

‘People and Places’ by Prospect Union rep, Compass Center

‘Simple as Flight’, Link Bridge, Compass Centre

‘Love and Be’ by Hema and Sarah, Compass Centre

‘Sunday’ by Aisha and Firelaus, Terminal 3 multifaith prayer room

‘Star’ by Hassan and Nazir, travelling, Terminal 3 multifaith prayer room

‘BF Crew’ by Sam, Lovi and Dilpreet, Border Force, Terminal 4

‘Sinhalese’ by Dhanika Dias, sales assistant, Terminal 4

‘SplashWorks’ by Shereen and María, staff travel advisors, Terminal 4

‘Le Chef’ by le chef, Terminal 4 staff canteen

‘The Shallow’ by Kevin, at work in Terminal 4

‘JS Drop 4 Drop’ by Jailson da Silva, at work in Terminal 4

‘Pattern’ by Pinito

Untitled by Rochelle, Heathrow Human Resources

‘Sea Level’ by Ferdinand Manaloto, in Terminal 4 canteen

‘Colourful Composition’ by Zuber Can, Terminal 4

‘To Miss With Love’ By Mercédès, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

‘Colours of Life’ by Clevy Fernandes, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

‘ART’ by Sheilan, Megan and Mavlon, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

‘Pieces of the Rainbow’ by Vinia, Mericia, Fedosia and Rheanna, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

Untitled by Anon

‘Flame of Light’ by Faian and Fannisha, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

Untitled by Faian and Fannisha, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

Untitled by Anon

‘Flying in and out’ by Anon

Untitled by Meleuille, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

‘My Dragon’ by Lyron: “I come to the chapel to pray”

Untitled by Anon

‘Colours of Life’ by Meleuille, Faian, Lyron and Marcelina, attending Mass in St George’s Chapel

‘Colours of Love’ by Linton and Stafney, working at Boots in Terminal 5

‘The Heart of Heathrow’ by Martin and Charlie, pipefitting contractors

‘Wednesday’ by Terminal 3 security officer

‘Light in the Darkness’ by Christine and Stephen

‘The Hills are Alive’ by Stephen and Anna

‘Tejus’ by Ashish

‘Reach for the skies’ by Heathrow Travel Care social work team

Untitled by Christine

Untitled by Anon

‘Boy and Girl’ by Anon

‘Blue Vibes’ by Felix

‘Visions’ by Tydus-Kade

about this project


Arts Chaplaincy Projects connects arts practitioners with spiritual communities and encourages religious enquiry in arts research. We seek to operate via agency not power and criticality without hierarchy. All always welcome 🏳️‍🌈


    Religion & Art Live

    6 April: St Stephen Walbrook
    4 May: Holy Trinity Prince Consort Rd
    8 June: [TBC]
    6 July: St Pancras New Church

    Host at St Saviour’s, Pimlico

    An annual series of exhibitions by Chelsea MA Fine Art students alongside artists from the church

    St Paul’s Chelsea

    Chelsea BA Fine Art students researching contested legacies in St Paul’s Cathedral

    Religion & Art Talks

    with José Carlos Diaz, Adrian Rifkin, Tina Beattie, Jarel Robinson-Brown

    Three Questions

    If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

    Religion & Art Forum

    30 practice-led conversations, held in collaboration with Goldsmiths College

    Stations 2021

    An art project for Lent, leading to an online exhibition for Easter, with 36 artists showing 140 works

    The Spiritual Exercises 2

    a project building on connections made during The Spiritual Exercises, with 72 artists working in 24 collaborations

    The Spiritual Exercises

    An online exhibition mediating memory and longing via the parameters of the present, featuring 100 artists

    Palo Santo

    A project exploring the potential of craft-based practices for communal healing, working between London and Peru

    Pastiche Mass

    A penitential mass with five video and sound works replacing the choral parts

    Heathrow Chapel Lightboxes

    A collaborative exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of St George’s Interdenominational Chapel at Heathrow Airport

    Central Saint Martins in the Fields

    An exhibition of work by ten recent art and design graduates from Central Saint Martins in the Crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, reconnecting the college and the church that founded it

    Stations of the Cross

    An Easter vigil with 14 video works projected onto the Henry Moore altar in St Stephen Walbrook Church, interspersed with readings and silence, culminating in a dawn Eucharist

    My Devotion

    A series of talks across UAL focusing on the relation between creative and spiritual practices, with Faisal Abdu’Allah, Bonnie Camplin, Lucy Newman Cleeve, Sophie Gorton, Sarah Lightman, and Justin Senryū Williams