David Crawforth + Naomi Siderfin


Viral Traces


In this collaboration the embodied experience of ongoing viral damage encounters its opposite: the fear and evasion of contagion.

The spoken word narrative is taken from Naomi Siderfin’s notebooks* from the past year since contracting Covid19 in March 2020 with both text and phone imagery reflecting a newly fragmented half-life as a consequence of ongoing symptoms. David Crawforth’s audio overlay of this narrative is from the perspective of one whose imagination has been haunted by an unseen threat, experienced primarily through the diversion and disruption of the norm.

The piece has been made with each artist in physical isolation and to a large extent working blind to the other’s material.

*some of this text is published by UCL Press in the essay ‘The Habit of Freedom’ by Naomi Siderfin, within the book Lockdown Cultures: The Arts and Humanities in the Year of the Pandemic (2021)